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FORWARD - To Better Beef & Better Cattle

Our main herd consists of both spring and fall bred commercial females. These cows have been mated to full-blood Akaushi bulls since the fall of 2022. While maintenance cost remains the same for our commercial cows, we now have access to stronger markets for our F1 calf crops. Thus, bringing more profitability to the table.

Our full-blood Akaushi herd is in its beginning stages utilizing an Embryo Transfer program. Through a strong partnership with Artesian Cattle in Gustine, Texas we now have access to breed-leading genetics that require the same amount of real-world substance as our own operation. While the breed is known for sheer carcass quality, our operations require genetics that work for the commercial operation.



J04 (Margin Call)

We are partnered with Artesian Cattle on Margin Call. Semen available through Artesian Cattle, Stored at Elgin Breeding Service, $25/unit.

J09 (Archie)

Archie is our other young herd sire. While semen is not available yet, we will be collecting him in the next year. Photo coming soon!


 These donors have remained at the forefront of strong programs both at the Matador and Artesian herds for years. They are long lived females that are incredibly fertile. We take a slightly different approach to our fullblood herd in that we select heavily for maternal genetics, using only the most effective cow families to build upon.

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